At Sandler & Mara, PC, we represent and protect the interests of a wide range of public sector organizations and institutions, authorities, local governments, police departments and public utilities providers. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in our willingness to work with each client directly through every stage of the legal process.

Reliable And Effective Advocates For Public Sector Organizations

Our firm is led by attorneys James Sandler and Daniel Mara, who have earned the respect of satisfied clients and peers in the legal community. They have served as reliable counselors in legal and administrative transactions, and as attorneys for those being scrutinized in litigation and loss claims. 

From our office in Connecticut, we provide public sector representation to clients. Our legal services promote and protect the development, financing, construction and management of public projects and public sector organizations, including issues of:

  • Municipal, local, state and federal administrative law
  • Real estate, land use and zoning
  • Building codes and ordinances
  • Public sector labor and employment law
  • Environmental protection and natural resources
  • Financing and project development
  • Development of policies and procedures for organization management
  • Tax exempt versus taxable financing
  • Public and private sector partnerships

Government-run and public sector organizations must act in accordance with local, state and federal legal requirements in order to be successful in providing goods and services. Our team of experienced lawyers can make sure your organization adheres to these complex rules and regulations to position you for success.