The entertainment industry is built on contracts: everything from concert site development, tour support and event production to liquor licensing hinges on the strength of legal documents and the thoroughness with which events are planned.

At Sandler & Mara, PC, we are known for providing effective, responsive and experienced service and skill in entertainment law matters for clients throughout Connecticut and the United States.

As entertainment and music lawyers, James Sandler and Daniel Mara have represented some of the largest and most notable event promoters and performers in the world. Their clients include production companies, venue developers and management companies, individual artists and other key players in large entertainment industry events.

We can help you with the full scope of entertainment law needs, whether you are concerned about venue development, event production or security or you want a thorough assessment of your administrative law needs.

Comprehensive Entertainment Law Representation

Entertainment events require different legal and regulatory processes and approaches depending on the size and scope of the event and the number of spectators. We can help simplify these issues and give you a clear outline of what to consider and what steps to take in addressing cases of:

  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements
  • Land use and zoning
  • Licensing and permits
  • Noise ordinances
  • Safety regulations
  • Endorsements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Concession and merchandising arrangements
  • Venue safety and security

Our clients' financial investments and personal and professional liabilities are our top concerns at all times. We can help protect you and your business's reputation by making sure every event is thoroughly and appropriately planned.