Energy producers, distributors and marketers are involved in one of the most highly regulated and volatile business climates. Every day, legislation is being debated, developed and implemented that dramatically influences our clients' financial interests, exposures and liabilities.

At Sandler & Mara, PC, we represent producers, distributors, marketers and other stakeholders in public utility and various energy resource markets, such as electricity, fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, methane, hydropower, solar energy and wind farms, as well as stakeholders in the marketing of these goods and services.

Our attorneys are experienced and capable in all facets of energy law and the local, state and federal regulations associated with these industries. We can help you with issues of:

  • Government regulations and compliance
  • Drafting, negotiation and review of contracts (i.e., procurement contracts, distribution, purchase contracts)
  • Siting, permitting and licensing
  • Environmental compatibility and public energy needs
  • Interaction with and hearings before government agencies
  • Cost management for energy supplies
  • Assessment of market risk
  • Renewable energy law and subsidies
  • Emissions management and natural resource protection
  • Development of clean energy resources
  • Expansion of energy source transportation and infrastructure
  • Smart grid implementation

Experienced Lawyers In Renewable Energy Law And

Legislative Actions

We have also played a key role in the development of new and innovative energy projects, including restructuring and organizing energy-related projects through legislative and regulatory action. This has included interaction with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel and the Connecticut Siting Council.

Our law firm offers sophisticated and uniquely dedicated representation in these complex issues. Attorneys James Sandler and Daniel Mara have extensive experience in complex business law and litigation matters, which parallels that of any big name law firm. Still, they are set apart in the responsiveness, flexibility and clarity they bring to every case.